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When dry season arrives, it is always a threat to homeowners who have a certain affinity with their gardens. The plants wilt and eventually die, leaving a vast amount of dry land in its wake. Dry season can greatly affect all living things, particularly the helpless foliage. However, some people are unaware that there are

Outstanding benefits of planting Low Maintenance plants. One undeniable fact is that caring for a yard is never a simple task. You have to dedicate time daily to cater to the plants in your yard. However, this can be easily avoided by planting low maintenance plants. These are the native plants which are readily available

A Non-gardeners Guide to Creating the Perfect Garden. Doesn’t just about everyone want more time to spend enjoying themselves in the backyard with family and friends? Why spend what precious down-time you do have slaving away just to keep your plants and shrubs alive? Low maintenance plant installation can free you from unnecessary yard work

St. Augustine Sod is lush looking and is higher end grass but it requires irrigation and maintenance in order to keep cinch bugs and fungus away. It is prone to frost damage. Bahia Sod has become more popular because it is easier to maintain. Bahia is drought tolerant, cold tolerant and it is available in

New rules were adopted in Orange County in September 2009 and went into effect October 2010. Five main componenets of the new rules are: 1. No more than 60 percent of the planted area on lots in new subdivision can be turf. 2. All plans greater than one-half acre must use a landscape architect, someone